Single V Hull Aluminum Rib Structure Is Reasonable And Suitable

- May 04, 2019-

The single V hull aluminum rib is designed in three different structural arrangements. The fuzzy comprehensive theory is applied to the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, and a more reasonable type is selected.

The single V hull aluminum rib adopts the computer vision detection method to detect and judge the degree of straightening of the reverse straight line, thereby controlling the rib forming. The principle and method of the important technical links are explained. Firstly, a threshold is specified, and the threshold of gray scale is adopted. The transform method extracts the inverse straight line, and then rotates the entire bitmap so that the chord of the inverse straight line in the bitmap is at an angle of 45° to the horizontal direction, and then the inverse straight line is fitted by the least squares method to find the correlation coefficient. Compare with the pre-specified correlation coefficient to complete the judgment of whether the inverse straight line has become a straight line.

The utility model comprises a detector, further comprising an elongated rail, the rail is provided with a screw rod, the screw rod is connected with a driving motor, and the mounting rod is connected to the screw rod, and the detecting seat is mounted on the mounting seat The detector is mounted on the detector base, and the detector includes a connecting arm and a measuring head at the end of the connecting arm, and the measuring head is a laser sensor measuring head.

The web comprises a web and a panel, wherein the web is perpendicular to the panel, the intersection of the web and the panel is provided with a circular chamfer, and the web and the panel form a 'T' or 'L' shape; the web, the panel and the circle The arc chamfer is integrally extruded during manufacture. The length of the panel is 16-60 mm and the thickness of the panel is 3.5-20 mm. The web has a height of 40-360 mm and the web has a thickness of 5-18 mm. The outer edge of the circular chamfer has a length of 8-40 mm. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, no deformation, reasonable structure and is suitable for the hull use.