Plywood Floor Inflatable Boat With Wear Resistance

- May 10, 2019-

There are many types of plywood floor inflatable boats. I believe that you also see too much on the Internet so you don't understand. Generally, such ships are divided into different waters. For example, creeks and ponds can be used for hundreds of dollars, and reservoirs and lakes can be used for thousands of 800. It is better to enter the river and enter the sea. At least There are more than two thousand.

The plywood floor inflatable boat adopts imported 1100D reinforced polyester fiber woven fabric to ensure the material has sufficient strength and toughness. The hull is double-coated high-density PVC, thickened to 1.2mm high-density inflatable boat special airtight woven fabric, with wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-piercing, strong toughness, anti-cracking, UV resistance and so on. The hull is hand-made, which eliminates the quality loopholes caused by mechanical fault processing. The hull's manual bonding joints use four layers of overlap to make the joints tighter and firmer, while the glue used is imported. Polyurethane glue, strong adhesion, anti-aging, hydrolysis resistance, long-lasting tight adhesion, to prevent the possibility of opening the glue. All the hulls are easily worn and thickened with a layer of wear-resistant soft armor. For example, the position of the inflatable keel at the bottom of the bilge is increased by three, and the pontoon is thickened around the pontoon to extend the service life of the inflatable boat. The multi-independent air chamber design, each independent air chamber has been enlarged to make the gas storage more gas, which improves the load-bearing capacity of the rubber boat, thus improving the anti-rollover and impact resistance of the hull. The ship's hanging board is made of marine custom birch wood with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, crack resistance and strong adhesion. It is easy to carry large horsepower outboard machine.