Foldable Sports Inflatable Boat Is Easy To Carry

- May 08, 2019-

The collapsible sports inflatable boat includes a hull and an airbag. The hull is multi-section, including the bow and one or more hulls. The airbag is bonded to the bow, the left and right side walls of the hull and the raft. The hull passes between the sections. The shaft rotating devices are connected together and can be folded, and the knots of the bottom of the ship are fastened by the fastening device at the bottom of the bottom of the ship. The structure of the invention is simple, durable, low in cost and convenient to carry.

In order to let the water sports enthusiasts experience the passion of gliding and speed, and to make the sailing sport simple and fun, TIWAL designers designed a high-performance collapsible sports inflatable boat. The inflatable + folding design weighs only 50 kg and can be disassembled and assembled in 20 minutes. A 3.2-meter-long sailboat can be stored in just two packs.

Independently developed folding inflatable boat, fishing entertainment equipment, patented products, made of high-density polyester fiber material, not easy to sink in water, compared with traditional inflatable boats, has a unique advantage: high impact strength, Not afraid of tie, easy to fold and carry, light, can be placed on the roof of the car, family camping fishing good configuration.

Material: High-strength resin Density: 0.65 One-year warranty period The collection volume is small, easy to carry, and can be placed in the compartment or on the roof rack, in the roof trunk, and all kinds of vehicles can be easily carried.

Additional: two paddles, two seats.

Parameters: length: 230cm, width 120cm, weight 30kg, ride 2 people, can be equipped with power: 2-4p.