Aluminum Shell Inflatable Boat Passed The EU CE Certification

- May 19, 2019-

The aluminum shell inflatable boat has the advantages of inflatable yacht and aluminum alloy shipbuilding technology. It adopts special PVC materials imported from South Korea, all of which are made by hand, with cold load technology and medium-strength weaving. Anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, brightly colored, high-strength hull, coupled with a steel-like aluminum alloy case, allows you to ride anywhere in the azure ocean. Stability and pressure resistance, anti-wear and anti-shock index have reached flood control standards and military requirements!

The aluminum shell inflatable boat is made of imported military polyester fiber woven fabric. The floor is assembled with high-grade reinforced non-slip aluminum alloy. The disassembly is simple and easy to carry. The multi-gas chamber is divided separately and the structure is more reasonable. Even if a gas chamber is damaged, other independent gas. The buoyancy of the room also ensures the safety of the inflatable boat. It is an inflatable boat that is resistant to abrasion, scratching, corrosion and safety. It is suitable for water recreation activities such as fishing, army rescue and rescue, and leisure fishing. 1.2mm material variety (2.3 meters 2.7 meters 3.0 meters 3.3 meters 3.6 meters 3.8 meters 4.3 meters, etc.) for your choice. The safety performance has passed the CE certification of the European Union. The quality is high-end, the quality is excellent, and it is worthy of your choice.

Rugged and reliable, it can be used in any environment. But if you spend most of the time in the tropics, the Hypalon rubber boat will be more durable because it has better UV resistance.

The structure of PVC and Hypalon boats is often different, but both are reliable.