Aluminum Hull Inflatable Boat Is Durable

- May 13, 2019-

The aluminum hull inflatable boat has a very strong development potential, which has a strong advantage in terms of material life, energy saving and environmental protection.

The hull specification is 400*170CM, the self-weight is 78KG, the load capacity is 1000KG, the number of air chambers is 4, the float diameter is 41CM, the tail plate height is 39CM, the number of passengers is 8 people, the power is 25HP, and the package size is 115*60*30CM.

Performance and advantages of aluminum hull inflatable boats:

1, SA series aluminum hull inflatable boat is made of aluminum alloy base plate with good strength, aging resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, firm, beautiful, anti-rat, very easy to maintain, this is for drivers and enthusiasts It is a high performance boat and it can be disassembled quickly and completely.

2, The products are all made of 1000 denier polyester fabrics made in Korea, with PVC coating on both sides and 0.9mm thickness. It is airtight, oil resistant and aging resistant in water. PVC materials are resistant to aging for up to 8 years. Scratch resistant and wear resistant.

3, The products are all imported, easy, safe and reliable.

4, the hull color is diverse, there is always a color you like, can also be customized according to customer requirements. The color fastness of the material and the long-lasting color of the fabric make the hull durable.

5, the shape of the hull is the front U-shape, the rear with the tail plate, the front U-shaped and the rear plate position is designed to increase the floor area and cost, and it is also largely guaranteed safety. Increased the amount of boat content.

6, the hull has a special thickened anti-collision strip, which increases the stability of the hull and is more anti-collision and wear-resistant, increasing safety.

7. The bottom of the hull is equipped with an inflatable keel. The inflatable keel can reduce the balance of the seawater while increasing the balance of the hull to ensure the safety of personnel and cargo.

8, all bonding parts are all bonded with imported glue, peeling strength and high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, UV resistance and other properties are much better than domestic glue, even in the sun exposure, the solid performance of the airship connection part is fully guaranteed.

The aluminum hull inflatable boat is suitable for flood control. surf. fishing. Recreation, fishing, flood fighting, rescue and other life-saving applications.