Aluminum Floor Inflatable Boat Has Good Anti-sinking

- May 09, 2019-

The aluminum floor inflatable boat is small in size, and the propeller is added to the stern, and the sailing speed can be significantly improved. Widely used in water recreation, recreation, fishing, fishing and other water operations. Generally speaking, the inflatable buoyancy cylinder of the whole boat is divided into a plurality of independent air chambers, and the partitions are provided with high airtightness. When the individual air chambers are damaged, the other parts still maintain sufficient buoyancy, and the adjacent two air chambers are even more When the multi-chamber is damaged at the same time, the whole boat still has some buoyancy.

The whole ship has a good anti-sinking property. When the whole boat is already at the maximum load (the safety limit), even if the entire boat is filled with water, it still floats on the surface!

Since there are buoyancy cylinders on both sides of the aluminum floor inflatable boat, the possibility of the hull being tilted into the water is small, and there is a special stability test guarantee in the product design and manufacture, so even if there is a big wind and wave at the maximum load) When it does not, it will not be overturned!

The aluminum floor inflatable boat is detachable, easy to store and flexible to transfer, and has good anti-impact buffer due to internal inflation. Because the inflatable boat is very light, it is superior to other boats in terms of speed and fuel economy, regardless of the same horsepower or the same speed.

[0006] At present, the sightseeing boat in the prior art sees the scenes of various orientations during driving, but does not see the scene of the bottom of the ship. In order to see the scene of the bottom of the ship, design underwater with transparent windows. Sightseeing inflatable boat.

The prior art is difficult to meet the needs of people. In order to solve the above problems, the utility model provides an underwater sightseeing inflatable boat with a transparent window at the bottom of the boat. During the forward process of the inflatable boat, the passenger may see various underwater scenery. Especially on the waters of Hawaii, while considering the high-speed inflatable boats, the underwater scenery will be more vivid and exciting.