Aluminum Boat Ribs Play A Supporting Role

- May 12, 2019-

Aluminum boat ribs are a component of frame ribs. The bottom ribs are made of unequal angle steel and are connected to the midsole and the inner bottom panel with brackets.

Frame ribs, also called composite ribs, are frame structures consisting of insole transverse ribs, bottom ribs and moon brackets, as shown in the overview. The width of the bracket is not less than 3/4 of the height of the midsole and requires a hem. On the side of the side bottom, a stiffener with the same size as the transverse bone of the insole is provided, which simultaneously serves as the intermediate support between the inferior bone and the bottom rib. The section modulus of the insole transverse bone is 0.85 times the modulus of the bottom rib profile.

The aluminum ribs are generally T-shaped and are usually located on the entire rib to prevent the ship's side outer panel from destabilizing.

Most of the ship's ribs are made of bent steel and angle steel. Ball flat steel non-straight hull profile members generally need to be plastically bent to obtain the required spatial shape, in which the bending work of the ribs is the largest. Due to the asymmetry of the section of the material, when the bending moment is applied, the horizontal bending moment component and the vertical bending moment component are simultaneously generated, so that the vertical bending deformation is formed at the same time as the horizontal bending deformation, that is, bend". Side bends act as a detrimental deformation that increases the amount of corrective work. Therefore, how to take measures to reduce or eliminate the side bend, thereby improving the quality of rib forming, has always been a concern and value for the shipbuilding community. For the increasingly high-strength hull rib ball flat steel, it is more practical to study the bending deformation law.