Air Deck Inflatable Boat Manufacturing Method

- May 11, 2019-

How is the air deck inflatable boat made? As long as you know how it is made, you will know more about its quality. In fact, the production of air deck inflatable boats is very simple, the materials used can be divided into two types, the first type It is made of rubber and the second is pvc. These two materials have undergone rigorous manufacturing processes to give them a strong airtight performance. There are many parts to be bonded in the hull. There are two ways.

One is hot melt pressing, the second is very sticky glue bonding, the air deck inflatable boat made by hot melt pressing is generally a layer of pvc material, and the glue bonding is a three layer clip. net

Pvc material, the general glue is the use of anti-hydrolysis, sun-resistant imported glue, very strong viscosity.

The principle of the air deck inflatable boat is also very simple, that is, the density of the air (AIR) (unit: g/cm3 or kg/m3) is less than the density of the water, and when the seal is made, the air deck inflatable boat will be injected inside. Full of gas Flow, when a certain gas is reached, there will be buoyancy, and the more the airflow, the stronger the buoyancy, so that floating on the water surface and having a certain load capacity (Ability). The fishing boat is a small portable light The tourist boat, folded and put into a travel bag, easily thrown into the trunk or fixed on the roof, you can take it with you. It is also used for light transportation of water transportation when traveling. Production

The most important thing about an air deck inflatable boat is its airtight performance. If there is not enough airtight performance, it will not save the airflow inside the airbag. If the airflow cannot be stored, don't talk about it.


The quality of the material also determines the difficulty of the air deck inflatable boat, such as rubber material, this material is the air deck inflatable boat, so the material is the best one, the price is also very Expensive, it is important to have a limited number. The quality of the air deck inflatable boat made of this material is very reliable. There are many places where the manual method is used. The craftsmanship is more exquisite.

Air deck inflatable boats are generally used in the military field, so the material requirements will be very strict.