Advantages Of Rigid Inflatable Boats

- Apr 30, 2019-

aluminum hull rigid inflatable boat for the English name of a rigid inflatable boat is RIB

RIB yacht speedboat lifeboat inflatable boat fishing boat

RIB yacht speedboat lifeboat inflatable boat fishing boat

. Simply put, the RIB is a rubber boat with a hard outer shell. Therefore, the RIB is a type of ship between a common ship and a rubber boat. The airbag of the small RIB ship is made of PVC material and is suitable for leisure and travel. Large professional RIB ships are made from more expensive materials such as Polyurethane, Neopren and Hypalon. The hull of RIB is made of FRP. RIB is much stronger than a leisure boat, aluminum hull rigid inflatable boat just like a four-wheeler on land. Compared to other light vessels, the RIB has all the advantages of a rubber boat. The world's first RIB was invented in the 1970s.

Weight advantage

The weight of the RIB is lower than that of a normal ship. This is because the RIB's airbags are all air, but the similar parts of other ships are made of heavy-weight FRP. Therefore, compared to other ships, RIB can run faster and farther with the same amount of fuel. Therefore, the RIB uses the same high-powered engine, the price is more favorable, and can save a lot of maintenance costs.

Excellent quality

Because the hull of the RIB is different from other ships, its center of gravity is much lower than other ships. Making the RIB even better with other boats is the ideal watercraft.


The shock absorption of the elastic airbag reduces the impact of seawater. The driving comfort of the RIB is far higher than that of a general leisure boat. In addition, the sound of the RIB machine is small and the driving comfort is even more.

Safety performance

Because of the use of airbags, RIB is an ideal water tool. Even if one or several airbags are punctured on one or both sides, the RIB can float on the water. Due to the characteristics of its engine unit, it can be placed on the water's shore. Other commonly used ships larger than 5.5 meters can no longer be inflated once they enter the water and will sink quickly, but the RIB can.

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