2-person Aluminum Boat Has A Long Service Life

- May 17, 2019-

The 2-person aluminum boat is a high-quality assault boat that is exported to foreign countries and is popular among outdoor sports.

1. All imported special airboat fabrics 1.2T1000D/PVC, excellent air tightness, wear resistance and long service life.

2, the use of imported air valve, convenient, safe and reliable.

3, all bonding parts are all bonded with imported glue, the peeling strength and high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, UV resistance and other properties are much better than domestic glue, even in the sun exposure, the solid performance of the airship connection part is fully guaranteed.

4. The color fastness of the imported materials is high, the color of the fabric is as long as new, and the imported special wear-resistant two-color fenders make the hull durable.

The airbag of the hoisting boat is made by adhesive and high-frequency heat sealing process, which has good air tightness, high strength, durability and reliable quality.

2-person assault boat, thickened assault boat, hard bottom assault boat, aluminum alloy bottom rubber boat Features:

1.2 aluminum boat consists of four air chambers: 3* hull, 1* inflatable keel

2. V-type inflatable keel lifts speed and helps control direction

3. There is a convenient drain valve on the stern with motor hanging plate and hanging plate.

4. Aluminum alloy bottom plate makes the hull more durable

5. Fixing the double paddle on the side of the ship makes it easy to experience boating fun.

6. The complete set of products includes: boat, a pair of paddles, air pump, seat plate