Stability of air deck inflatable boat

- May 11, 2019-

The quality of the material produced by the air deck inflatable boat determines its safety performance and price trend. The thicker the material, the stronger the pressure and the toughness.

Before using an inflatable fishing boat, you should first understand the method of use. What should you pay attention to when using an inflatable fishing boat?

1. The owner of each inflatable fishing boat should wear appropriate clothing and wear life-saving clothing and other personal life-saving equipment.

2. The load must be evenly distributed. If you use an outboard motor with a light load, do not suddenly accelerate. The operator's incorrect operation may result in the stability and handling of the ship. Bad effects.

3. Ensure that all basic equipment, including paddles and pumps, are placed on the deck and that additional safety equipment is prepared for possible hazards.

4. Please do not use the boat alone after taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

5. Please configure the outboard motor for the boat within the range allowed by the performance indicators. Please do not overload.

6, please keep an eye on the residual fuel.

7. Improper use of an outboard motor can cause immeasurable damage to the user. We will not equip our dinghy with any outboard motors that are not certified for quality. Please don't be in a place with swimmers At high speed, please do not let the swimmer approach the boat while the motor is still running.

8. Don't get involved in strange waters without any information.

9. Always leave your departure information (time, location) before departure and reserve the time and place you plan to return.

10. Navigation lights may be a must. It is best for users not to sail at night and in harsh weather conditions unless the navigation system is properly installed and used.

11. Safety courses on boat operations can be learned from national or private organizations in most countries. When you are using a boat, you should have general waterway management regulations and locality.

The water environment environmental management regulations have a clear understanding.

12. In the long-term voyage, you should always put safety equipment such as bell-bottoms, first-aid kits, anchors, etc. in the most important position.