Safety performance of PVC alloy rib inflatable boat

- May 15, 2019-

PVC alloy rib inflatable boat adopts airboat special fabric on the material. The material thickness is above 0.8mm, the impact resistance is strong, and the performance of all aspects will be improved. It has sufficient safety performance, like our current drifting boat rafting. It can be safe in such a bad river, except for the ocean, it can basically be used in any waters. This type of vessel uses a foldable aluminum alloy for the bottom of the ship. The hull is heavy and stable, and it travels very smoothly, but you have to operate it correctly.

Some materials of PVC alloy rib inflatable boats are due to high quality and high demand, and are the main technical properties, such as tensile strength and stretching operating temperature range, adhesion, UV protection, etc. close enough to synthetic materials used as polychlorinated Based on vinyl fabric (line), which is: polyester or its analog.

The structure of the PVC alloy rib inflatable boat can be used with different numbers of layers. There may be from two to seven, and - it contains the most common and well-known manufacturer's choice. In addition, this organization acts as a production vessel for the pontoons and is used to produce aerated quality. The PVC fabric in the inflatable boat can be strictly defined in the properties of the break, tear, stretch, air capacity, seawater resistance and so on. These properties have become standards in Europe. Western manufacturers of PVC fabrics are in the framework of legal, or rigid frames, fabrics of European standards that are strictly regulated in the specific organization of certain types of inflatable boats. As a result, our manufacturers are using special fabrics for certain types of inflatable boats. All of these organizations have at least 5 floors.