Professional rescue boat is a distant ocean rescue tool

- May 05, 2019-

The professional rescue boat was ordered by the Shanghai Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Transport. It has a length of 177.1 meters, a width of 33 meters, a depth of 14.4 meters, a draft of 7.7 meters and a load of 13,000 tons. It is sufficient for the rescue operations of active naval vessels. Its endurance capacity is 10,000 nautical miles, which is a tool for offshore ocean rescue.

It will increase the depth of saturated diving in China from 300 meters to 500 meters, and the deep water operation capacity will extend from 3,000 meters to 6,000 meters. At present, various performance indicators rank first in China and lead in the world.

Professional rescue boat, including hull, sponge pad, extension ladder, pedal, U-shaped chute, cockpit, hydraulic rod and pod propeller, the hull is equipped with a telescopic ladder at the tail, the extension ladder is a three-stage telescopic structure; The hydraulic telescopic rod is installed inside the ladder. The upper surface of the telescopic ladder is U-shaped chute structure. The person can slide down from the U-shaped chute. The tail of the telescopic ladder is provided with a pedal. The hydraulic rod is installed between the hull tail and the extension ladder. The action of the rod can adjust the angle of the extension ladder; the lower deck of the extension ladder is provided with a sponge pad to protect the person sliding from the U-shaped chute from being bumped; the tail of the hull is equipped with a pod propeller through which the pod is installed. The propeller can keep the hull stable; the diesel hull is installed inside the hull to power the entire ship; the cockpit is provided at the front of the hull, and the pod propulsion and extension ladder can be controlled through the cockpit.