Plywood floor inflatable boat with non-slip surface

- May 10, 2019-

The plywood floor inflatable boat is inflated and formed - that is, the airbag can be easily molded by hand. Then install the floor strips (plywood made from them should have a non-slip surface on one side, which should be a rough surface assembled on the top of the boat).

We inspect the plywood floor inflatable boat that is packaged and assembled by the manufacturer;

If the model is the color of the plywood floor inflatable boat and you have determined its size in advance, you can ask the manufacturer directly - ask to show the boat's request, first of all, what must you pay attention to when buying a boat?

All inflatable boats before leaving the factory and entering the store must undergo thorough inspection and over-the-counter trading in full compliance with the requirements of the specification, ISO-6185 international standard, and the main provisions and specifications on the GOST certificate. It is also necessary to know that inflatable boats are glued with PVC design fabrics, typically in temperate climates where the water and wave heights are less than 0.5 μm when the ambient temperature is in the range of -10 ° to + 45 ° C. Increasing the size of the ship only affects the wave height to the inflatable boat allowed by the manufacturer.

All plywood floor inflatable boats must be configured according to the terms and TU table, which is provided on the ship's data sheet. And from this it follows the ship that is forced to inspect the equipment before assembly. In addition, be sure to check the integrity of the shipping package and move the boat to several stages of its owner after leaving the assembly line. Unfortunately, it should be noted that there are situations where it is at these stages and there are some flaws. For example, when storing a ship in a warehouse (usually during transport), you may see that the breakage point is where the slings (clamp handles and equipment) are tightened. You can start using plywood floor inflatable boats without problems with the ship's equipment and transmission packages.

But first, look at how the packaging and shipping bags are fixed on the boat, and how it is attached to the equipment (which may also be storage, collapsible paddles, etc.). It fits in the best folding bag before the ship is sold – that is, its volume is minimal and is already the smallest folding volume. Keep in mind, continue to strictly adhere to, provide the best safe inflatable boat, and then the smallest package.

After checking the required equipment, the inflatable boat should be fitted on a flat surface. The inflatable boat can be used as part of a full foot pump and is designed to pump a large amount of air and give a maximum pressure of 0.2 atm. The electric pump allows the boat to be inflated quickly and delivered to 0.15 atmospheres. The lack of pressure can be added by using a foot pump.

The best option is the electric pump BST12 HPP SuperTurbo, which is designed to expand to a working pressure of 0.8 atmospheres to produce a reasonably accurate assembly of the pressure outlet. Also this pump can pump air when you need to deflate the boat. This is particularly relevant in the dismantling of vessels, especially where the structure of the inflatable bottom with low pressure is.