Maintenance skills for hard bottom inflatable boats

- May 16, 2019-

There are many types of rubber boats on the market, and the price is also very large. Some three or four hundred ships are scrapped after several times. The material, thickness, pasting method and production process of the rubber boat will affect the service life of the rubber boat. Rescue team, the army flood control and relief work is generally used in inflatable assault boats. This type of service life is longer than that of ordinary inflatable rubber boats, but the weight of the assault boat hull is relatively heavy, and it is not convenient for personal transportation. Most people have fun in the family, fishing enthusiasts, etc. are more suitable for inflatable dinghy nets. So, how to maintain the hard bottom inflatable boat? How to extend the service life?

1 First, when you buy a hard bottom inflatable boat, look at the material of the hard bottom inflatable boat. Now the hard bottom inflatable boat on the market is basically pvc material with a mesh layer in the middle. Understand the production process of hard bottom inflatable boats. Many factories use machines to catch up with the progress. However, the joints of hard bottom inflatable boats will not be pasted, so the key seams are best manual. Pasted, hand-made will be more durable than machine mass production.

2The temperature difference between the north and the south is large in winter. Do not rush to get angry after buying the hard bottom inflatable boat. Just put the room temperature environment for more than ten hours, wait for the leather to be slightly inflated and then inflate it to prevent the low temperature from hardening the material. Damaged under the effect. After the first inflating of the hard bottom inflatable boat, the boat should not be in a hurry, and after 8 hours of filling, put a buffering time on the connection of the hard bottom inflatable boat. The material of the hard bottom inflatable boat has a certain elasticity. It is not easy to be inflated and full when inflated. The summer temperature is high, and the gas expands under the sun's exposure, which easily leads to the air chamber of the hard bottom inflatable boat. Inflated products will have a slight leak and require regular qi.

3 When cleaning the hard bottom inflatable boat, wipe it with a rag with a damp soapy water. Do not use a hair dryer or a washing machine. Do not use chemicals, washing powder or any other abrasive powder. After washing with fresh water, place it in a cool dry place to dry.

The hard bottom inflatable boat is now a mature product. As long as you choose a boat with good quality and proper maintenance, it will be no problem to use it for a few years.