Folding sport inflatable boat is safer to use

- May 01, 2019-

Designed for players who are keen on river ponds and fishing on the beach, the Folding Sport Inflatable Boat is made of reinforced imported 3-layer composite mesh material. It is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and durability. It can resist rubbing along the way, even if it is sharpened. Broken can also be easily repaired. Hard hull and safe structural design, the bottom of the ship is 4 wooden planks. People can stand on the road, making this fishing boat more professional. The anti-collision strip around the hull relieves the shock caused by collision between the hull and the bank. It effectively protects the safety of passengers and ships.

Safe and reliable

The hull adopts PVC coated fabric for European and American rubber boats, anti-corrosion wooden beams and independent air chambers with high buoyancy.

The buoyancy rubber tube adopts the design of independent multi-chamber, and the air chambers do not affect each other to ensure the safety and returnability of the boat.

Folding sport inflatable boat is light and easy to carry

It takes 5-10 minutes to easily complete the inflation of the boat and complete the assembly;

After use, the deflated boat is folded up and can be inserted into the carrying bag with the boat;

Stored in a small corner of the basement or garage, easy to carry and store;

Folding sports inflatable boat with good durability and long service life

PVC coated fabric, imported special adhesive structure, anti-seawater corrosion;

The constant temperature and constant humidity workshop environment is used in the process to ensure the best adhesion of imported glue.

Using 1100 denier (the highest standard for small inflatable boat materials), the life of the boat is guaranteed to be no less than 10 years;

The 3.5-engine engine of the folding sport inflatable boat can be rotated 360 degrees, which means extremely flexible. You can reverse the gear without changing the gear. Since the machine has a clutch device, the propeller does not rotate when working at idle speed, so it is safer to use.

The folding sports inflatable boat engine is combined with air cooling and water cooling, so the working performance of the machine is very stable, the temperature control is reasonable, the engine is easy to start, the acceleration is fast, the operation is stable, and the fuel economy is improved. When sailing on the beach, the outboard motor can be lifted and set at a certain angle to avoid collision with the bottom of the beach. The engine flameout switch, throttle cable and acceleration handle are all mounted on the joystick for easy operation.