Aluminum hull inflatable boat structure is tight

- May 13, 2019-

The aluminum hull inflatable boat is made of special marine aluminum alloy material and has a design life of more than 20 years.

Wide variety, suitable for different waters

Due to the use of the world-famous deep V-shaped hull and camber bow technology, it has been proved that this aluminum alloy hull is superior to the FRP ship in navigation and operation after trial and error and practical use. The sailing is extremely smooth and comfortable, just like sailing forever on a calm water surface.

The hull's original design of the deep V-shaped hull makes the engine's performance to the extreme. Even if it is heavy, it is easier to slip and speed up than other hulls, and the operation is more dexterous.

Thick hull

The press-formed hull has superior strength and safety. Each ship has an integral internal rib structure to accommodate harsh sailing conditions. The bottom plate of the ship is composed of a V-shaped band stamping piece, a rib welded by the keel, a rim line, and the like. On large ships, ribs and ribs are welded to reinforce the hull.

Light weight, high strength, especially its specific strength exceeds other materials. The shipbuilding ship itself is light in weight, saves energy and increases speed, making it an ideal boat manufacturing material.

Good corrosion resistance, anti-sea organisms such as sea lice do not adsorb on the surface, more suitable for the manufacture of hull than metal.

Non-magnetic, good dielectric properties. Good microwave penetration. It is suitable for the manufacture of mineboats, submarines and other military ships.

It can be designed to be in accordance with the ship's structure, shape and requirements of each part. Through material selection, layering, orientation to meet the optimization design and product strength requirements.

The hull has good integrity, no seams and gaps, and the structure is tight to prevent penetration.