Aluminum floor inflatable boat has strong power

- May 09, 2019-

Aluminum floor inflatable boat is fully upgraded:

1. Universal paddle upgrade: The paddle can be fixed on the paddle with the screw locked, never falling, and the paddle can be rotated 360°, which is convenient and labor-saving.

2. Embossing heat-sealing upgrade: Some parts of the bottom of the ship are embossed and heat-sealed, which is stronger and more beautiful.

3, style upgrade: four color choices.

4, seat plate upgrade: the new aluminum alloy seat plate is equipped with a slidable seat plate card slot, the seat plate position can be adjusted at will.

5, anti-corrosion upgrade: strong hardness birch deck, equipped with anti-corrosion coating three layers, can extend the life of the hull, making travel more convenient.

Aluminum floor inflatable boat features:

1. New imported military high-density waterproof polyester fiber woven fabric, 1.2mm thick three-layer composite woven fabric, which is made up of two layers of pvc and middle layer 1100D high-strength fiber woven fabric. The structure is firmer and durable. mill.

2. The hull buoy is designed as four independent airbags. The compartment inside the air chamber is not only used to separate the air chamber to seal the safety, but also has a complex design to balance the internal air pressure.

3. The joint between the hull materials is treated with internal and external 4 heavy bonding, which makes the seams more tight and firm, and the service life is greatly increased.

Aluminum floor inflatable boat structure features:

1, high-intensity paddles, not sinking, strong power, paddles can be so easy.

2, pvc thick anti-collision strip, effectively resist the damage caused by impact.

3, comfortable and strong wear-resistant strip-shaped wooden bottom plate, so that the hull is more attached to the soul.

4, universal boat paddle can be rotated 360°, user-friendly design.

5, detachable fascia board, the ship hangs the machine to install it. Keep your boat powered by the seesaw and the hull rear slot.

6. Reinforce the 12-point safety rope, which is firmer and safer.