2-person aluminum boat has good impact cushioning

- May 17, 2019-

Features of 2-person aluminum boat: detachable, easy to store, flexible transfer, and can be quickly used in urgent need;

There are inflatable buoyancy tires on the side of the hull, which can greatly avoid the risk of overturning in the wind and waves;

Good anti-impact buffering effect;

Easy maintenance and small maintenance work.

Easily respond to a variety of complex use situations, it is the favorite of professional and driver pursuit of performance, and it can be easily and quickly installed and disassembled, durable.

Because the dinghy is very light, it is superior to wooden boats in terms of speed and fuel economy.

Comply with EU CE international certification. The main features are as follows: the material is good, the inflatable buoyancy tire maintains good air tightness under the working pressure of 0.3 bar, and the buoyancy tire is tightly combined with the rigid keel (or inflatable keel) and the bottom plate in the boat, so that the inflatable boat has sufficient rigidity. , to ensure solid and fast driving. The bottom of the boat (except for the hard material bottom) is made of tape with anti-reef properties, so that the possibility of damage to the bottom is reduced to a small extent. The inflatable buoyancy tire of the whole boat is divided into a plurality of independent air chambers, and the separation is provided with high airtightness. When the individual air chambers are damaged, the other parts still maintain sufficient buoyancy, and the whole boat has good anti-sinking property. According to the buoyancy and separation requirements, when one air chamber or two adjacent air chambers or even all air chambers are damaged at the same time, the whole boat still has a certain buoyancy for emergency treatment. Due to sufficient buoyancy, the entire boat can be floated on the surface of the water even if it is filled with the full load (safety of use). Since there are buoyant tires on both sides of the inflatable boat, the possibility of the hull being tilted into the water is very small, and there is a guarantee of special stability test in the design and manufacture of the product, so even at the maximum load (even if there is still a large wind and wave) ) It also does not tip over. Normally used, all occupant occupants sit on one side of the buoyancy tire, the boat will not tip over, and can still be swung at normal speed. In addition to the inflatable keel or inflatable bottom, the rigid keel and bottom plate can be separated and compactly connected (still ensuring the overall strength requirements), so that the whole boat can be disassembled for easy transfer and storage. The main accessories, such as steel buckles for towing, lifeline support kits, boat handlebars, paddle forks, and components for the placement of outboards at the stern are all guaranteed.